A New Journey

Annnnnd here’s to a new Journey! (you knew that was coming, right?)

Got married. Changed my name. Jaclyn Thomas Designs —> Jaclyn Journey, designer.

I pondered this change A LOT.  I loved my old name- Jaclyn Hanna Thomas.  Jaclyn Thomas Designs seemed like a no brainer name to me when I started this thing last April.  Then, Chris proposed about 2 weeks after I finished my website last year.  So for a good 9 or 10 months, even after our wedding (3 months and going strong!!) I was still debating a name change.  Not only did it sound like a complicated process on the business end of things (fyi, it’s not)  the personal change almost seemed too much for me.  Thomas represents a lot to me- my family, our family business, perseverance even in the most sad and rainiest of times (Thomas Car Wash isn’t open on rainy days=$0…) but most importantly it represents success.  My grandfather started the wash 60something years ago.  Came from nothing, built up something.  Something that is now going into it’s 3rd generation- something that’s almost unheard of anymore.  So, the thought of abandoning my name made me pretty sad.  Also, not to mention that Hanna is my mom’s maiden name.  So, getting rid of Hanna felt like I was abandoning the other half of me.  Sadness all around.  Sadness until I finally bucked up and decided to go to the Social Security office and just do it.  Went in Jaclyn Hanna Thomas and left Jaclyn Thomas Journey.  As soon as I left, I took a picture of the paper confirming the name change and sent this to Chris (and I know he will kill me for showing this…)

That was finally when I came to grips with my new reality.  It’s not just about me anymore.  I gots me a husband now!  And he gave me his name.  And even though he is the most supportive of men and didn’t put up a fight when I wasn’t all about a name change, I knew deep down I had to jump in with 100% faith.  Beginning of a new Journey, right?

So, that is why Jaclyn Thomas Designs has turned into Jaclyn Journey.  Just me, a designer of spaces and places and flowers and things.  Last year we kept saying 2011 is the year of Jaclyn & Chris.  And it was.  Marriage, a house, a new life.  This year I keep saying 2012 is the year of success.  For all of us, not just the Journey’s.   Keep up the faith, my friends.  Big things are happening.  I can feel it.

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