Maid of Honor Speech Template Suggestions for MSW

Writing a Maid of Honor speech is overwhelming, anxiety inducing, and all around usually no fun.  I’ve been there.  In fact, recently, I refused to give a speech at my sister’s wedding. I just couldn’t do it!  So, when Martha Stewart Weddings asked me to contribute some advice for a recent article, I really had to think about it.

Some other thoughts that didn’t make it in the article are below:

I love hearing speeches of sweet and practical advice.  If the MOH is in a relationship, giving sweet and funny examples of how to settle a fight, how to makeup for a mistake…etc could make the entire speech feel relatable and memorable.  These could be things that they may have experienced with in their own friendship with the bride that they can share with the groom and audience.

 Avoid cliche introductions “If you don’t know me, I’m the bride’s so and so.” Instead have the MC/DJ introduce you so you can skip that part.

Skip the story about the first time you met the fiance….unless it’s funny

Avoid inside jokes- nobody gets it.

Do NOT mention exes or bad memories.

Do not read from a phone….while it’s a great place to store your speech, it feels rude and unconnected from the audience. Write out bullet points on paper and ideally memorize most of it.

Practice, practice, practice, practice.  And maybe take a shot of tequila about 20 minutes before.

Head over to Martha Stewart Weddings for the full article. 


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