Mustard & Ivory Inspiration at Greystone Estate & Rye

It isn’t often I do styled shoots anymore, for many reasons, but mainly because they can be so time consuming and very costly, especially on my end (FLOWERS, LINENS, SHOES, ACCESSORIES….etc)  The process is very similar to planning an event- finding a location, the dress, the flowers, the models….it takes a ton of energy and resources and finding resources around here can sometimes be challenging. I was out shopping one day last November and found an incredible trio of vintage bone candlestick holders, that I knew I needed to buy, but I wouldn’t let myself buy them without a purpose.  Whitney and I had toyed around with the idea of doing a styled shoot for a long time and finally I felt inspired and energized enough to do it.

We quickly found a dress on, ‘hired’ my modelesque cousin Kristina, and called our makeup guru gal Carley Randall to try to pull off something beautiful.  We spent the first part of the day shooting table details at the second floor event space at Rye on Market (it’s stunning, you should check it out!) and did portraits right before the sun went down at Greystone Estate.  It was a refreshing day right post 2014 wedding season.

I think it’s safe to say blush and coral have been trending in the wedding world for a couple years now.  If you look at my gallery, you can tell I’m into those colors (I love those colors lololol) but I just felt like I needed to do something different with those bone candleholders.  I envisioned beeswax candles and soft mustard tones, which is weird for me, because my natural tendency is to turn away from yellow.  Yellow and purple are my weak color spots-they were my high school colors, and I suspect that’s why I have a slight disdain for them.  BUT, I just could not allow myself to put another peach or coral wedding on my blog in 2014, so I had to push through!  I bought the beeswax, purchased some beautiful mustard and yellow roses, and made something that I ended up really liking! Plus, overall, it was such a great day spent with so many people I love, the memories made it even sweeter!

Today, our shoot is being featured on a blog I started following four years ago before my own wedding when the industry was a little different than it is now. Social media has changed everything so, so fast.  At this point in the game, it’s nearly impossible to create something ‘new and different’ and for me, the only way to make something ‘fresh’ is to stay true to my aesthetic-not fakey life instagram pretty that has inundated us and made us feel pressured and insecure….  I just want to make things that give me butterflies.  I want to create moments that will never leave me- like the moment Whitney and I high-fived at the end of this shoot because we had just created something we loved and experienced a truly joyfilled day.   My goal for this wedding season is to just do my thing and not be distracted by the noise around me.  I want to make pretty things and inspire other people with pretty things and appreciate the humility in the creation of it all.

Big thanks to Rye on Market and Gar Davis for letting us use their beautiful spaces.  Also, thank you to our dear friend Emily of Elva Fields for letting us borrow (then purchase and keep!) the bracelet we used on our model.  And of course, I must thank my Aunt Diane for giving my cousin Kristina a perfect body that always comes in handy for our styled shoots 😉


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