Named One of America’s Top Floral Designers by Martha Stewart Weddings!

A couple weeks ago, (on my birthday, actually!) I ran across a post from a friend on Instagram from Martha Stewart Weddings.  It was from their newest issue, which I hadn’t received yet- The Top 62 Floral Designers in the country.  I immediately wondered who they had listed for Kentucky and was beyond blown away seeing my name. I am STILL beyond blown away.

Being self-taught in this flower/wedding world has certainly had it’s challenges, yet it has been an incredibly life-giving experience.  Working with God’s creation truly leaves me awe struck every time I open a new box of blooms. I hope I never take it for granted.

Of course, I must thank everyone who is a part of my team who has helped me achieve anything I’ve accomplished thus far in my career.  I recently read the following quote by St. John of Damascus- “The whole earth is a living icon in the face of God.’ This is the way I see the world, and I am grateful my support system see’s it that way too.  I constantly feel encouraged by them and am so grateful for their support, especially at 3:30 the day of a wedding when I feel like I can no longer function 🙂

Huge thank you to Martha Stewart Weddings for the honor. I really am truly humbled, and incredibly excited to be included on a list among so many people I love and admire!

Here’s to the next five years!

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