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I am officially declaring 2016 the year of going out of my comfort zone.  First on the list : heading to NEPAL in March to flower up the Beyond Workshop.  When Nina first asked me to join them on this adventure, my mouth immediately said yes and my mind filled with a ‘no no no no no no no’  Some of that is still stewing up in my brain (the fear of the unknown) but after spending some time thinking about it, I am anxiously mostly excited.  I’ve never been to a place like Nepal before.  In fact, my first time overseas is happening this September.  For years I have heard Nina talk about what an amazing place it is and how it is full of the kindest, most beautiful people.  That is so intriguing to me.  What I fear is what it is like after this most recent earthquake.  I’ve never done relief work like this, I’ve never been in a place where most of the people don’t speak my language, and I’ve never traveled this far across the world.  But, I feel called to do it.  So, unless something majorly life changing happens from now until March, consider me booked from March 10-22, 2016!

The Beyond Workshop was created for photographers to help grow thriving businesses and in turn give back around to a world in need.   It is intended to encourage photographers to become courageous- to move beyond client meetings and the typical stresses of business and realize there is more to this lifestyle than making money.  The first part of the workshop is devoted to intentional learning.  We will create portfolio building styled shoots, and talk about business related topics like creating honest work, networking, brand consistency, how to capture emotion in photographers among a whole list of other things.  The second half of the trip will consist of relief work from this year’s devastating earthquake while getting to know the country’s people and culture.  This, I am excited for.

The workshop will take place from March 10-22, 2015.  To find out more info check out the Beyond Workshop’s website.  The early bird rate continues through September 21st! We would love to have you there! If you are considering the trip but feel as anxious about it as I did in the beginning, please get in touch- we can talk down our nervousness together 🙂

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